Water Heater Insulation 101

Insulated water heater by expert with hand wearing gloves

At Trust 1 Services, we do everything we can to ensure our clients get premium quality services. But more than that, we go beyond the call of duty to help them keep every aspect of their plumbing system in peak condition–water heaters included. And that’s why we have built a solid reputation as the go-to…

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How Sediment Buildup Affects Your Water Heater

Water heater tank interior with sediment buildup

Tap water typically contains mineral elements that can cause plumbing issues such as sedimentation. This issue can be a cause for concern because it can affect plumbing fixtures and appliances–particularly your water heater. As the premier company for water heater repair in Westwood, MA, Trust 1 Services has taken on plenty of jobs involving water…

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Ill Effects of Hard Water on Water Heaters

Heating element of the water heater with rust and scale.

Hard water is a common problem in the United States. Most homes are not equipped with a reverse osmosis system, mainly because they are unaware that there is hard water in their supply. It can be a serious problem for you and your water heater. Your water heater is designed to heat water but can…

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The Main Benefits of a Professional Water Heater Installation

Tanked heater being installed by a plumber

Water heater breakdowns can be quite an inconvenience–especially if they happen during the cold months. But when they do happen, it’s of utmost importance to let DIY repairs and installation procedures fall by the wayside and let the pros handle things for you. Over the years, the name Trust 1 Services has become synonymous with…

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Knowing Which Type of Water Heater Best Suits Your Home

The water heater technician checking its maintenance

If you’re considering a replacement water heater, you may be surprised to learn that there are several types to choose from. The right water heater for your home depends on a few important factors like the size of your household, how quickly you need hot water, and how energy-efficient you want it to be. Here…

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The Common Water Heater Problems You May Need to Fix

Leaking water heater

While water heaters generally have long lifespans, they can still fail due to various issues. The good news is that with a proactive stance on maintenance, it’s easy to keep your heater in peak condition. Should you experience water heater malfunctions, don’t fret. Turn to Trust 1 Services, the leader in water heater repair in…

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The Benefits of Switching to a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater

Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your current tanked water heater? Thanks to technological advancement, you can now upgrade from a conventional model to a tankless one. As the premier provider of quality water heater repair in Quincy, MA, Trust 1 Services has helped many homeowners make the switch. Here are the benefits you’ll…

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The Anode Rod: What it Does For Your Water Heater

Anode rod

Corrosion is one of the foremost issues that can affect water heaters and shorten their service life. Fortunately, the ill effects of corrosion can be countered thanks to one simple component: the anode rod. At Trust 1 Services, we do more than just solve problems like water heater corrosion–we also educate our clients on how…

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Essential Tips to Keep Your Water Heater Free From Corrosion

Rusty water heater

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of water heater damage. That’s why it’s essential to stick to a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your unit is running smoothly and free from corrosion and its ill effects. If your water heater is starting to show signs of corrosion, consult Trust 1 Services, the top name…

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Top Considerations When Choosing a Water Heater

Water heater being installed

Despite being built to withstand stress and last for an extended period, most water heaters can still succumb to the ravages of constant use. By taking a few factors into consideration before buying a water heater, you can determine its overall longevity and effectiveness. If you are looking for a quality water heater in Quincy,…

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