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Leaky pipe infested with tree roots

Tree Root Intrusion: What it is and What it Can Do to Your Sewer System

In most cases, plumbing issues arise from poor habits such as flushing too much tissue paper, “flushable wipes,” and not having a hair trapper. Nevertheless, among the sneakiest threats to your sewer lines are tree roots. 

Tree roots often gravitate towards the moisture from your backyard’s underground plumbing system. They can cause significant issues to your system and the entire property if they break into the pipes. Keep reading to know the effects of root intrusion, and be sure to contact Trust 1 Services for dependable sewer repair in Quincy, MA.

Signs of Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots can cause irreversible damage to your sewer line, sometimes even necessitating a sewer line replacement. However, before that happens, they’ll start by obstructing your pipes. This will prevent waste and clogs from moving swiftly down the drain. As a result, water might start backing into your toilet and sinks. You might begin to hear strange rumbling sounds in your bathroom. Your sinks might also start emitting a foul odor.

Effects of Tree Root Intrusion

As the root growth progresses, you’ll eventually experience a complete blockage. This happens when soil and roots, working together, completely block the waste passage. In some cases, a single sewer pipe line repair should suffice. However, when the damage caused by the intrusion is much more extensive, you may have to replace your entire system.

Dealing with Tree Root Intrusion

As with any other plumbing issue, dealing with the problem when it’s still early is much more advisable; you’ll save time and resources. Nevertheless, because of the insidious nature of root intrusion, it’s easy to go unnoticed. That’s why we recommend having routine inspections and maintenance services to ensure your sewer system’s optimum function. Inspections will also ensure that you don’t replace sewer line sections prematurely.

Don’t let tree root intrusion be a problem. Trust 1 Services offers quality sewer repair services you can depend on. We’ll use our leading-edge trenchless technology to secure new pipes into your sewer system with minimal interruptions and mess.

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