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Corroded pipe line

Pipe Corrosion: Effective Ways to Counter it

Pipe corrosion occurs when piping material breaks down when they come into contact with materials such as hard water, grime, oxygen, or other metals. It is common in metal pipes and manifests as patches of rust that look eaten away.

Being the top provider of quality pipe repair in Quincy, MA, Trust 1 Services has addressed many corrosion-related pipe issues over the years. Here, we share some of the most effective ways to counter it.

Test the Water

Hard water is one of the most common causes of pipe corrosion because it is rich in minerals that react with metal. Cooler water is less corrosive than hotter water. This is because heat is a natural accelerator of oxidation. Oxygen is a significant contributor to rust, blockage, and buildups, so you should monitor its levels. Ensure the pH level in your pipes ranges between 6.5 and 8.5. Should your pipes be eaten away by corrosion, promptly contact a technician for an emergency pipe repair procedure.

Add Coatings and Linings

The best way to protect your pipes against the effects of corrosion is by adding a layer of lining and sealants. The lining prevents bacteria from settling on your pipes, beams, and joints. You may also want to keep your drainage pipes stable using straps, U-bolts, and clamps to reduce friction that exposes them to corrosive material. If your pipes have already corroded beyond repair, don’t delay calling the pros in for a pipe replacement procedure.

Frequent Drain Cleaning

Clogs can put quite a lot of pressure on your pipes. Make it a point to have them cleaned regularly. Many plumbing issues that led to pipe replacement or pipe bursting procedures could have been averted with this. Dirty drains also house bacteria, debris, minerals, and corrosive material. Keeping your drainage pipes clean also prevents Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), especially when they come into contact with sulfides.

Reduce Metal-to-Metal Contact

When electrons from different metals collide, the affected section weakens and compromises the pipes, causing galvanic corrosion. Consider insulating pipes using materials such as pipe shoes and wear pads between the metals.

From burst pipe repair to corrosion prevention, Trust 1 Services offers holistic services to keep your pipes in good condition for years to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!