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Pipe blockage

Bad Habits That Are Detrimental to Your Plumbing System

Even seemingly insignificant habits can have lasting effects that are detrimental to your plumbing. In worst case scenarios, they can even lead to costly repairs that could set you back thousands of dollars. Fortunately, with expert help fromTrust 1 Services, the leading plumber in Braintree, MA, even the toughest plumbing issues can be solved in a jiffy.

Below are bad habits you need to drop to keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape.

Treating Toilet Like a Trash Can

The only thing that should be flushed down your toilet is human waste and tissue paper. Unlike other materials such as sanitary towels, toilet paper can dissolve in water and run smoothly down the plumbing system. Be careful what you flush to avoid costly plumbing repairs and clogs resulting from non-biodegradable materials.

Discharging Hair Down the Plumbing System

A lot of individuals tend to shave in their bathrooms or the sink since it is easier to drain their hair. Those hair fibers can accumulate around the soap scum inside your drainage system, leading to blockages that might harm your plumbing system necessitating emergency plumbing repairs. As a remedy, we recommend using a mesh drain screen to filter the hair and dispose of them in a trash can.

Excessive Use of Strong Chemical Drain Cleaners

Although drain cleaners can be used as an alternative for unblocking and cleaning the plumbing system, their use should be controlled. Excessive use of these chemicals damages your drains. Instead, we recommend hiring a reputable plumbing company, to clean and unclog your drains.

Even with proper care and maintenance, as your system gets older, it’s only normal that it’ll need periodic repairs. Fortunately, Trust 1 Services has a committed team of experts offering the best plumbing services in Quincy, MA. Contact us today to get foolproof plumbing solutions!