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The Best Ductless Mini Split Systems 2020

Each year the demand for mini-split ACs and heat pumps continues with double-digit growth because the equipment is reliable, cost-effective, and offers flexible installation options. But what are the best brands to consider when purchasing a mini-split system? This guide covers the cold-climate mini-split system, the top ductless HVAC brands for a single zone, multiple zones, and a newer type of heat pump. The units on this top ductless HVAC list aren’t necessarily the most effective but the most reliable. They are the mini-split heat pumps that give you lasting efficiency that you can count on for 15-20 years or longer.

Best Single Zone Ductless Mini Split Units

An outdoor unit (condensing unit) with one indoor unit (evaporator/air handler) is a single-zone system. The zone may be a simple little bedroom or office, or anything as big as a spacious living room or garage or shared workspace. Units range from 9,000 to 24,000 BTU.

In short, single-zone units are used for spaces ranging from under 100 to over 1,000 square feet.

#1 – Mitsubishi MUZ-FH:

Each mini-split retailer sells Mitsubishi for a reason. The company has a reputation for excellent efficiency and longevity. The MUZ-FH is a super-efficient series available in various sizes with an indoor wall mount package compatible with each.

  • -effective in extreme cold
  • -48db operation
  • -works with a range of indoor units
  • -Hot-start technology waits until the indoor coil is hot before the blower starts
  • -3D i-see sensor scans the room and directs air to hot/cold spots where AC or heating are needed


#2 – Fujitsu General Halcyon Wall Mounted RLF/RLX Series:

Fujitsu is one of the most respected names in mini split technology. The 12,000 BTU system provides 23 SEER/10.6 HSPF performance and loads of features:

  • -24-hour timer with sleep function
  • -Wireless remote
  • -55-decibel outdoor unit
  • -Advanced humidity control in AC mode
  • -Heats and cools with variable-capacity inverter technology
  • -Safe restart after a power outage

#3 – Gree Crown+:

Gree is serious about efficiency, as shown by this 30,5 SEER, 10,5 HSPF model and it is not even the most effective heat pump of Gree. It is a cold air source heat pump that effectively heats to -22F, an incredible feat in temperatures. By the way, it’s apparent that Gree licensed its technology to Trane and that says something about quality and reliability on Gree. It’s the whole package for any climate. The Gree Crown+ is full-featured:

  • -Defrosts as needed, rather than continuously, to reduce energy use
  • -RF remote
  • -Heats and cools
  • -Variable-speed, two-stage inverter technology
  • -7-speed fan with 4-way airflow
  • -WiFi-enabled for remote monitoring and control

#4 – LG Art Cool Premier:

This complete system with indoor wall mounting units is not the most powerful of LG, but certainly the most effective.

  • Hot start
  • Auto restart after power outages
  • 24-hour timer and sleep mode
  • 9K (HYV1) and 15K (HYV2) outdoor units with compatible indoor evaporators
  • Advanced dehumidification of 3.2 pints per hour in AC mode
  • Heats in outdoor temps as low as 14F

#5 – Daikin Aurora / 20 Series Wall Mount:

Daikin offers full system heat pumps. This unit is also sold as a hybrid floor-mount. It combines excellent productivity and outstanding results.

  • WiFi-control
  • Wireless remote
  • Inverter swing compressor
  • 49db outdoor, 19db indoor noise
  • Hot start, so no blasts of cold air at the beginning of a cycle
  • Economy mode turns on automatically when the sensor determines the room/zone is empty

Best Multiple Zone Ductless Mini Split Units

These systems have one outdoor unit and 2 or more indoor units with 8 maximum for the largest systems. For instance, an outdoor 36 K unit might accommodate four indoor 9 K units, three indoor 12 K units, two indoor 18 K units, or any other configuration that adds up to 32 K to 38K.

The number can be close if not precise.

#1 – LG Multi VS:

Such models are perfect for efficiency; their reliability is excellent. They are heat pumps with few bells and whistles that work well, and that makes them an excellent value. Four units range from BTU 24,000 to BTU 60,000, or 2 to 5 tons. Features include:

  • Can heat one zone (living space) and cool another (a computer room, for example), transferring heat between them as needed
  • Each indoor unit can be controlled separately with different temperature set points
  • Excellent low-temperature heating to -13F
  • VRF variable-refrigerant flow optimizes efficiency and indoor comfort

#2 – Friedrich J Series:

It is a completely variable system that modulates the power of the compressors and the speed of the fans to maximize climate control. Both the heat pump and cooling-only models support the multi-zone operation.

  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Soft start technology – the fan ramps up slowly to meet AC/heating capacity
  • Electronically adjusted louvers work with sensors to direct air to where it is needed
  • Twin rotary compressors for precise heating and air conditioning
  • 24-hour time with remote
  • Auto restart after a power outage
  • Variable-capacity compressors adjust from lowest to highest capacity in 56 increments to reduce energy waste

#3 – Fujitsu General Halcyon HFI AOU48RLXFZ1:

This advanced technology system provides flexibility in a single system for heating and cooling from 2-8 zones. You determine which places receive heating or air conditioning, and for each one, the climate control is programmed separately. While the capacity of the outdoor unit is 48,000 BTU, a series of indoor units amounting 62,000 BTU can be installed, but both can be running at maximum capacity all the time.

Economy and away modes reduce energy use

  • WiFi monitoring and control
  • Multiple indoor unit options
  • Up to 8 individually controlled zones
  • Ideal for large homes and office settings
  • Central remote-control option

#4 – Daikin MXS Series:

This is an effective and scalable multi-zone split system from a global leader. The Top Attributes of the Daikin MXS Collection are:

  • -Long-lasting, washable filters
  • -Multiple capacity outdoor units and indoor units
  • -Advanced dehumidification in AC mode
  • -Wireless remote with LCD screen
  • -Suitable for light commercial application too

#5 – Mitsubishi MXZ Series

Here’s another impressive series from Mitsubishi Electric. The MXZ Series includes more than 10 outdoor units, each of which can be connected to a full range of indoor floor, wall, and ceiling units, totaling six models. It helps you to customize your HVAC system to suit your exact needs.

  • -All models in the series cool and heat
  • -50db is the quietest model, that’s 3-5db higher than the quietest on the market
  • -Half the models in the series have Hyper Heat technology for heating effectiveness to -13F/-25C
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