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Toilet-Installation by expert

How to Repair and Install a Holbrook Toilet

Installation of Holbrook toilets is not a very time-consuming task but it involves physical exertion and a reasonable amount of expertise. As with most of the plumbing work, the construction of toilets includes complex factors. By depending on a skilled plumber for toilet installation, many errors can be avoided. Only a slight misstep, like misaligning the toilet on the wax ring, can lead to leaks in the toilet.

Holbrook Plumbing Professionals

Some people may think it’s easy to install toilets in your bathroom. What they may not know is that only making a single minor error will result in expensive toilet repair. Furthermore, if homeowners do their toilet (or any other plumbing) it could void the manufacturer’s warranty. In certain severe cases, the policy of a homeowner will not be paid out if they discover that an unlicensed person performing a plumbing project caused harm, no matter how small.

An untrained person who works on plumbing fixtures may transform a minor problem into something much bigger that can cause burst pipes, clogs, or leaks. The most common issue relating directly to the incorrect installation of a toilet is leakage. Toilet leaks are often visible, which indicates the need for a plumbing professional. Sometimes, however, toilet leaks may occur inside the floor, unnoticed until the repairs are extensive and costly.

Holbrook Toilet Repair

Whether you’re replacing a toilet in a home you’ve just bought, updating your toilet to a newer, more effective water-saving model, repairing a damaged unit or renovating a bathroom, installing the toilet should be done properly to prevent costly toilet repair and damaging leaks.

Removing your Old Toilet

The old toilet has to be removed before the new toilet is installed. While it’s not a particularly challenging process, it requires proper preparation, for example, protecting the floors against residual water coming out. Ensuring that the water supply valve is turned off and then carefully removing the device without damage from the flange also requires close attention. When the flange gets rusted or broken, a licensed professional will need to assess the repair.

Installing Your New Holbrook Toilet

In addition to ensuring the right size for the wax ring, it has to be handled very carefully. The plumber must position the new toilet bowl, press it into the compound, and fasten the toilet bowl to the flange with nuts and bolts designed for that particular purpose. Importantly, the plumber will then ensure that the toilet bowl is level with no rocking. If you find leakage between the base and floor of the toilet, the wax ring probably needs to be replaced.

Holbrook Toilet Install

Assembly of the toilet tank requires putting a gasket between the tank and the pipe-and often a rubber cushion. The bolts holding the tank must be fastened carefully to avoid damage to the porcelain while keeping the tank watertight and stable to prevent leakage. The components of the tank inside need close attention. The flapper lever, float ball, ballcock and other important components are included. The water line is carefully reconnected and switched back on to fill the tank once the inner components have been mounted.

Checking for Leaks

Upon toilet installation, leaks can occur in any number of locations, so the plumber needs to thoroughly inspect the connections made by himself and also the connections made by the manufacturer for leaks. The water level in the tank should be set correctly, then the toilet flushed a couple of times to ensure it works properly.

After the wax gasket melts, the bolts securing the toilet into the flange are inspected again to ensure they are secure and there is no wobbling. Bolts that are too long may be cut down. The final step is to add the seat to the toilet and to scrub.

Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix Them:

-Solving a Loose Flush Handle
When the flush handle becomes loose from the rest of the tank or disconnected.

Typically one of two solutions are required:

  • Reconnect the lift wire or lift chain that connects the lift arm from the flapper.
  • Adjust the handle mounting nut inside the tank; it has reverse threads that require counterclockwise rotation to tighten.

-Fixing a Running Toilet
One very popular (and very annoying) problem you can certainly address on yourself is when a toilet is running continuously. It’s relatively easy to fix a running toilet. The problem occurs either because the flapper does not sit correctly when the flush valve is opened, or because the water level in the tank is too high and causes water to spill over the top of the overflow tube and down into the tank. The repairs are very easy to do with either problem. Both refill valves have water level control methods, so it is easy to adjust or replace flapper valves.

-Repairing the Flush Valve
The flush valve is located in the middle of the tank and is a plastic or brass covering connected to the tank’s bottom opening. This works with a float ball or rubber or neoprene flapper. The flapper or float ball sits against the opening of the valve and holds water in the tank until the flush handle is on. A chain or lift wire attached to the handle rod raises the flapper away from the valve seat when the handle is depressed and allows the water to flow out of the tank and into the toilet bowl. The flapper falls back down into the valve seat when the tank is empty, sealing the opening and allowing the tank to be refilled with water.

A vertical overflow tube is inserted into the flush valve which extends from the base of the flush valve up into the tank. The function of the overflow tube is to prevent water from flooding the tank, as well as to allow a small amount of water to flow down into the toilet bowl as the tank refills. A small refill tube mounted at the top of the overflow tube allows a small stream of water to flow down through the refill process into the bowl. This restores the standing water level in the toilet tank, thus keeping the trap sealed.

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