Top Considerations When Choosing a Water Heater

RTM Design • Apr 18, 2022

Despite being built to withstand stress and last for an extended period, most water heaters can still succumb to the ravages of constant use. By taking a few factors into consideration before buying a water heater, you can determine its overall longevity and effectiveness.

If you are looking for a quality water heater in Quincy, MA, turn to Trust 1 Services. Here are the top considerations when choosing a new water heater.

Water Capacity

When choosing a water heater, you must determine whether you require a conventional tank water heater or a tankless water heater. Conventional tank water heaters have several benefits apart from storing the heated water in the tank unit and keeping it warm. While they are cheaper than the tankless option, they attract higher running costs. On the other hand, choosing a tankless setup means not requiring a water storage compartment. It operates by heating water using coils and requires less space than the traditional tank heater.

Energy Efficiency

Before buying a water heater, it is crucial to consider how efficient the unit is. If your heater results in high utility bills, it is uneconomical to operate and translates to high energy inefficiency. Choosing a water heater with a high-efficiency rating will conserve energy and lower water heater maintenance costs.


Your water heater’s size depends on several factors, including the amount of hot water requirements in your home. If you have a high demand for hot water due to your family size, it would be ideal to opt for a larger water heater as it can accommodate more water. Reach out to Trust 1 Services for quality water heater installation services.

Having the wrong heater in your home may result in regular, which may be costly. So make sure to keep these things in mind before buying a water heater replacement. For quality services at affordable rates, turn to Trust 1 Services.

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