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RTM Design • Oct 19, 2021

One of the most common plumbing problems we see with our clients in Quincy, MA, is toilets that fill up slowly. When you experience this problem, it can be frustrating and impact your daily life.

Fortunately, our team at Trust 1 Services can help.

At Trust 1 Services, we have decades of experience resolving plumbing issues in the Greater Boston community. Our dedicated team will work to put an end to your toilet water tank issues effectively. We also offer emergency service calls 24/7, ensuring that you and your family can count on us at any time to correct your plumbing issues.

Why Is Your Toilet Filling So Slowly?

With toilet issues, you must get to the root of the problem quickly. Here are some plumbing tips for homeowners and possible reasons why your toilet is filling slowly.

Reason 1: Issues With Your Water Supply Valve
Perhaps the most common culprit of toilet water issues is the water supply valve. You can find the water supply valve below your toilet tank emerging from the wall.

Whenever your valve is closed or partially blocked, it can spell problems for your toilet. You may experience blockages that impede the water flowing from your water tank to your toilet bowl, slowing the water filling process.

Reason 2: Fill Valve Tube Problems
Alternatively, you may have an issue with your fill valve tube. You can locate the fill valve inside your toilet tank. Its purpose is to monitor the amount of water that enters your tank.

When there is a structural error, it can affect the water level of your toilet bowl. Some of these structural issues include wear and tear, clogs, and alignment shifts.

Reason 3: Waterlogged Float Ball
Another possible cause of your toilet water issues is a waterlogged float ball.

You can see your float ball by opening your water tank. The purpose of a float ball is to control the water that enters your tank. Sometimes, excess water can waterlog the float ball, causing issues such as slowly filling toilet water.

How to Fix Toilet Water Issues

Here are some home troubleshooting tips that will help you resolve your slow-filling toilet issues.

To Adjust the Fill Valve
To diagnose a fill valve issue, open your toilet tank and locate the valve on the left. Once you find the fill valve, make sure it is stable and attached to its tube.

If you own an older toilet, your best bet is to use a flat-head screwdriver to adjust the placement of your fill valve. This adjustment allows more water to enter your tank.

However, most modern toilets have a knob, making it easier for you to allow more water into your tank. When adjusting the fill valve, the water level should remain an inch below the overflow tube.

Once everything seems normal, try flushing your toilet while keeping the tank open. Monitor how your water tank fills, watching for any abnormalities. If you still experience issues with your toilet water, contact an experienced professional to diagnose your plumbing issue.

To Clean the Fill Valve
If your fill valve is dirty or clogged, cleaning it may solve your toilet issues.

First, you want to turn off your water supply and take off the lid of your toilet tank. You will see screws on top of your fill valve. Your goal is to unscrew the valve to remove the cap.

Next, you must be cautious as you turn on the water supply. As you do, make sure you partially cover the valve with your hand to avoid water spraying your body. Allow water from the valve to flow to eliminate debris and any blockages.

After a few moments, turn off your water supply. Then, turn over your fill cap and locate the washer. Spend a few moments scrubbing any dirt or debris trapped in the fill cap. If there is a crack in the fill valve, you must invest in a replacement.

Once you get a replacement, screw the valve back in place and turn on your water. If your toilet is still filling slowly, contact a plumbing contractor at Trust 1 Services dto inspect your system. There could be a deeper issue at play.

To Replace a Waterlogged Float Ball
Typically, diagnosing a waterlogged float ball issue is straightforward. If the float ball appears too low in your tank, you can try bending the arm to adjust the ball position.

After repositioning the ball, more water should enter your tank. If not, you may need to invest in a replacement float ball for your toilet. Also, it may be time for an upgraded toilet system.

Our professional plumber can provide an accurate diagnosis and inform you of the best next steps.

To Fix a Valve Tube Problem
Sometimes, there may be an issue with your valve tube. A valve tube shuttles water between your tank and the toilet bowl.

If you sense an error with your valve tube, turn off your water supply. Then, use a wire or brush to clean the valve tube after unscrewing any hardware attached to the valve.

Next, you should pump water through the water supply valve to unclog pipes of residue and debris.

After eliminating the valve debris, screw on the hardware and flush the toilet. If your problems persist, the valve tube may not be to blame for your troubles. Be sure to hire an experienced plumber from Trust 1 Services to inspect your toilet system for possible solutions.

Contact Us at Trust 1 Services in Quincy, MA

Plumbing problems are not something to mess with. We consider them emergencies that can impact your daily life and add stress to your day. Rest assured that our licensed and insured contractors will work tirelessly to fix your toilet issues.

Whether replacing a float ball, opening your water valves, or adjusting your fill valve, our plumbers are up to the task. There is no plumbing problem too complex for our trusted contractors.

Trust 1 Service’s plumbers are eager to help you resolve your toilet water problems quickly and efficiently.

If your toilet is filling slowly in Quincy, MA, call us at Trust 1 Services at (617) 826-8611. We are happy to provide top-notch customer service, 24/7!

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