No Plunger, No problem – Weymouth Clogged Toilet

RTM Design • Jun 15, 2020

A clogged Weymouth toilet can be an unpredicted mess if you don’t have a plunger to aid you in the unfortunate accident. For any reason you might get caught without one there might be some rather simple solutions to help you avoid any unwanted accident. We compiled for you seven different ways you can unclog a toilet bowl without a plunger to get things in working order with these mess-proof ideas.

Our first simple solution for the family handyman is to unclog a toilet bowl with dish soap

Things You Need: Start With Dish Soap and That’s It!

As soon as you see that the toilet clogs up, and learn how to unclog a toilet without a plunger from us, go and head to the kitchen and fetch some dishwashing soap; the slippery soap should help lubricate the clogged up pipe and allow the lodged debris to loosen up and slide down more easily. About a half-cup into the toilet should do the trick.

If you don’t have any dish soap on hand, you could also chop a bar of soap into very small bits and drop the pieces into the toilet and wait for the soap to dissolve and do its job. And if for some reason this unconventional method doesn’t work unclogging your clogged toilet, here’s our fool-proof guide for how to unclog a toilet in other unconventional ways but if none of these work, keep in mind that a 5 dollar plunger and a trusty toilet snake will make you the family champion!

Weymouth Clogged Toilet

Our second advice would be checking for the best toilet paper brands for your toilet and your plumbing. Usually, too much spongy toilet paper flushing at a time can clog the pipes if they are not big enough. Different brands of toilet paper can offer some benefits when dealing with that situation so check out the best toilet paper for your plumbing in your area. In any case that the toilet might still be clogging try not flushing the toilet paper down.

Weymouth Clogged Toilet

Weymouth Clogged Toilet

Our third out of seven tricks would be a bucket of hot soapy water to unclog the toilet. If dish soap alone doesn’t quite do the trick for unclogging a toilet without a plunger, adding water might move things along. And if cold water doesn’t cut it then fill a bucket with some hot bath water but not boiling water, because it could cause the porcelain in the toilet to crack. It is also best to pour the water into the toilet from a waist level. The force of the water could dislodge whatever is causing the clog. Be careful of any unwanted splash.

A more severe blockage could require manually moving the item. To do this without a plunger our fourth DIY is a drain snake using a wire hanger. To do a drain snake using a wire hanger you must unravel a wire coat hanger until it’s straight; it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight but enough.

Weymouth Clogged Toilet

To unclog a toilet with a DIY drain snake, you must push one end of the unraveled wire hanger. Proceed to prod and push the debris until it becomes free and the toilet unclogs letting the water flow down the drain once again. There you go! Another way to unclog a toilet without a plunger. You might want to dispose of the wire hanger after using it as a drain snake. Be careful with splashes!

Weymouth Clogged Toilet

The fifth trick, like our first and third trick, is a recipe to pour into the toilet bowl. This one consists of vinegar, baking soda, and other cleaning supplies to unclog the troublesome toilet. As a plunger alternative try this mixture instead.

If you don’t have a plunger and you’re all out of soap but you have these ingredients lying around, you can try this all-natural solution: Pour two cups of vinegar and pour 1 cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl. Allow it to sit and penetrate the debris for about half an hour. If the clog still doesn’t dissipate, try the hot water trick with this recipe. And try not to be too grossed out.

Weymouth Clogged Toilet

Our sixth trick to unclogging a toilet is using empty plastic water bottles on a clogged toilet bowl. This uses a plastic bottle to create water pressure. Warning: This how to unclog a toilet without a plunger trick could get really messy if not done properly.

The first step is to start by removing as much water from the toilet bowl as possible. You can do this by repeatedly filling a small container with toilet water and pouring the water into a bucket.

For the next step, fill a large plastic bottle with warm water. Place your thumb over the water hole of the bottle, put it upside down into the toilet bowl, and fit the top end of the bottle into the outlet at the bottom of the toilet where the water flows out into the pipes (you’ll want to make sure to wear rubber gloves for this step if you wanna stay clean).

Remove your thumb and squeeze the bottle so the water inside shoots down the pipe pushing the debris. The added pressure could dislodge whatever was causing the clog.

The seventh and final trick for our list would be to use a squirt gun as a toilet drainer.

Plunger Alternative: Squirt Gun Toilet Drainer

When you’re repairing or replacing a toilet, you will definitely need to remove all the water for the repairs to work. Simply shutting off the water supply and flushing won’t get the job done all the way. A sponge works, but it’s kind of slow and time-consuming. So I came up with the genius idea of using an old used squirt gun I found lying around and used it to suck the remaining water out of the toilet bowl and squirt it into another container I had beside the broken toilet, leaving just the last few drops to sponge out quickly.

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