How to Fix Six Common Belmont Sump Pump Problems

RTM Design • Jun 8, 2020

Having the right Belmont sump pump can be beneficial in many ways. If your basement gets flooded by a storm or a plumbing leak, your sump pump will be your first line of defense. But if your sump pump fails, it can get messy. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of some common problems with your sump pump.

Why do Belmont Sump Pumps Fail?

Over time any mechanical device is prone to malfunction. A bad installation can also cause a sump pump to function ineffectively or underperform. Sadly, many brands are just cheaply built and poorly designed.

Six Common Ways a Quincy Sump Pump Will Fail on You:

Belmont Sump Pump

Power Lost to the Sump Pump

If your sump pump loses power while you’re not at home, your basement becomes vulnerable.

Any storm that can cause a flood can also down power lines. If the pump is accidentally unplugged or the circuit breaker trips, then your sump pump will not work. Having a power outage is just something that happens. You don’t want your sump pump to fail when you need it to work.

What to do : Its recommend that you get a high capacity battery operated backup sump pump.

Frozen or Clogged Discharge Lines

The sump pumps usually expel any water collected via discharge lines. When the discharge lines become clogged or frozen, the system fails. You have to make sure that your discharge lines are clear and covered.

What to do : Make sure your sump’s discharge line can’t freeze up and stays clear. There’s an attachment called IceGuard that keeps water flowing out of the basement even when it is frozen (you install it at the beginning of the line). I also recommend that you install the LawnScape Outlet. This device prevents debris, mice, and other small critters from clogging up your system.

Overwhelmed Belmont Sump Pump

A low-quality sump pump can fail for many reasons. Sometimes a single sump pump isn’t enough to handle a wet basement event. The pump might not be too reliable or strong enough to control the volume of water pouring in, especially during a storm or heavy rain. There’s a line of sump pumps built around the high capacity called the Zoeller Brand Pump.

What to do: You should add a battery backup sump pump, and upgrade your current Belmont sump pump. In some rare cases, you might need more than one sump pump installed in different corners of your basement.

Sump Pump Appears to Work but no water in the Sump Pit

If there’s no water in the sump pump, it may mean that the pump’s installation went wrong. Or that you need to link the pump to a drainage system. If there is a drain tile installed internally along with the basement or the external perimeter’s internal perimeter, then that’s how a sump pump can work at its best. A basement drainage system should be designed to collect water and channel it via gravity toward the sump pump and discharge it into the pit. It will be impossible to divert the water correctly if the drain tile is clogged, collapsed, not installed with the proper pitch, or non-existent. You could have the best sump pump in the world, but in these circumstances, your basement would still get flooded.

What to do : Get someone to inspect and fix your drainage system. If you don’t have a drainage system, have one installed

Belmont Sump Pump Flooding Prevention

Clogged sump pumps and switches

If your sump pump doesn’t have a lid, it will get dirty and clogged over time and either stop working entirely or slow down.

  • A sump pump can clog up in many ways:
  • The float switch, which turns the pump on and off as the water level changes, can jam or clog.
  • The pump’s mechanical parts can get dirty and clogged over time, especially if the sump sits straight against the bottom of a muddy sump pit where silt usually accumulates.
  • The sump pit (the hole where the sump pump sits) gets clogged with dirt and debris.
  • There are some rare cases where the ON switch on cheap sump pump models can become jammed or tangled in the system. When this occurs the device will either stop working or stay stuck in the ON position.

What to do : You should have your sump pump inspected to see if it’s time to repair or replace it. The next Belmont sump pump you own must be covered with an airtight sealed lid that prevents debris from entering, is child and pet safe, and ensures water doesn’t evaporate back to the basement.

Sump Pump Running Non-Stop

If your sump pump stays running regardless of the weather conditions or seasons. It’s a sign of a problem that needs to get addressed quickly before the overworked pump burns out. Here are the most common causes of a sump pump on overdrive:

  • Continually flooding sump pit: There are some rare cases in which there is a continuous flow of water going into the sump pit due to a high water table or an underground spring. If the water table is too high, then raising the sump pit a bit may help. Installing an extra sump pump in another corner of the basement or upgrading the system can also help. To develop an effective drainage solution, a proper inspection of the basement is needed.
  • The check valve is missing or broken: Because the sump pump is installed below grade, the discharge line is initially pitched at an upward angle, so it can channel water up and away until it reaches an exit point. It is then pitched downward, using gravity to discharge water outside the home. The check valve in the line plays a crucial role, preventing water from coming back into the pit before it reaches the apex. A broken or missing check valve can result in one-third to two-thirds of the water to flow right back into the hole! And that will overwork the pump.

What to do : You should get a technician to look at your sump pump because having one running nonstop may mean that it’ll stop working when you need it most.


Belmont Sump Pump Repair, Replacement, Installation

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