How Sediment Buildup Affects Your Water Heater

RTM Design • Oct 28, 2022

Water heater tank interior with sediment buildup

Tap water typically contains mineral elements that can cause plumbing issues such as sedimentation. This issue can be a cause for concern because it can affect plumbing fixtures and appliances–particularly your water heater.

As the premier company for water heater repair in Westwood, MA, Trust 1 Services has taken on plenty of jobs involving water heaters plagued with sediment buildup. Below is a close look at how it can affect your water heater.

Diminished Efficiency

Part of the mineral components of sedimentation includes calcium and magnesium. A mound is formed on the heater’s floor as they increase with time. It creates an insulating barrier between the heating element and the tank, causing it to be less efficient as time goes by. The effect is uneven heating of water. The water might get too hot; sometimes it won’t get heated at all. The good news is that with proper water heater maintenance, you can prevent this from happening.

Frequent Repairs

Accumulating too much sedimentation will leave you with frequent repairs for your water heater. You may be forced to get a water heater replacement or frequently repair your heater’s heating elements. Time and money are spent repairing these parts time and again.

Shortens the Unit’s Service Life

Sediment collection may also affect the durability of your water heater. As sedimentation builds up in your tank, corrosion occurs, which leads to leakage. When repairs are no longer viable, you’ll need to make a switch. It’s in this regard that a tankless water heater is ideal. While sediment can still affect it, it is much easier to maintain.

To avoid the effects of sedimentation in your water heater, ensure regular flushing annually to prevent buildups and the complications they bring. For all your water heater installation, maintenance, and repair needs, turn to Trust 1 Services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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