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Hvac technician removing a dirty air filter from a heat pump

Easy Tips to Help Boost Heating Efficiency

Hvac technician removing a dirty air filter from a heat pump

The winter months are fast approaching and the air will soon begin to feel chilly. A lack of planning could result in much greater heating expenditures over the winter, which is why reducing heat loss, promoting energy-saving behaviors, and enhancing the quality of your home’s heating system are all of utmost importance.

As the authority for heating installation in Quincy, MA, Trust 1 Services makes it a point to go the extra mile with the services we offer. This is why we do more than just service your heating systems, we also help you make the most of them. Below is a look at some of the things you can do to help improve heating efficiency.

Clean Your Furnace Filter

When you consider how much dust, microscopic debris, and germs there are in the air, it’s no wonder that filters lose efficiency so quickly. Always stick to a rigid schedule; change them regularly. Keeping your furnace in good working order by ensuring the filter is always clean can majorly affect your monthly energy bills. Frequent cleaning of your vents and heating registers is a must. Have the heating maintenance services done by an expert.

Set Up Programmable Thermostats

Sometimes, a programmable thermostat is all it takes to maximize your heating system. About 42% of a typical American family’s monthly energy bill goes toward heating and cooling the home, most of which is spent on unused rooms. Using a programmable thermostat to save heating costs during off-peak hours is as easy as setting it and forgetting it. Reducing the thermostat by one degree Fahrenheit for eight hours has reduced energy use by one percent. Turning the thermostat back by ten degrees Fahrenheit while no one is home or asleep can reduce heating costs by as much as ten percent each year.

Let The Sun in To Heat The Room Naturally

Heating services experts also recommend making the most of simple hacks because they are the most effective. The limited window of sunshine you have should be taken advantage of. It’s recommended to keep the curtains drawn during the day so that the sun can warm the room naturally. Your annual energy costs could go down by as much as 7 percent if you raise the temperature in your home by just two degrees throughout the day.

For heating repair, maintenance, and installation services you can depend on, trust only Trust 1 Services. Contact our team today to schedule a service appointment!