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AC unit being installed by technician

How to Determine if You Have the Correct AC Size

AC unit being installed

When buying a new air conditioner, you may be confronted with a vast array of decisions, such as the cost of purchasing the unit and maintenance requirements among others. However, having the correct air conditioner size is vital to ensure it runs a proper complete cycle.

Size in air conditioners represents the cooling capacity measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Acquiring a smaller unit than required causes the AC to operate continuously, thus consuming extra energy. If the A/C unit is too large, it expedites the cooling process, thus minimizing operating time. Consequently, your home remains humid, damp, and clammy since the unit doesn’t get rid of all the moisture.

From Trust 1 Services, the trusted name for air conditioning repair in Quincy, MA, here are tips for identifying if you have the correct AC size.

Manual J Calculation

This air conditioning installation step entails working with a professional to assess the exact HVAC unit size required in your home or area. The entire process requires getting the correct dimensions of your home, room, or space you plan to cool. Measuring helps you to acquire the square footage, or area, in square feet (ft2).

It is calculated by multiplying the length of a room or space to be cooled by its width. Multiply the results by 25 to approximate the accurate ac size in BTUs. Apart from the square footage, it also takes into consideration other factors, including climate zone, ductwork design and condition, your windows design, and others. All these details are incorporated to evaluate the exact BTU heating and cooling capacity required.

Evaluation of the Existing Ductwork

Improperly-sized ducts exert excess pressure on the AC due to a lack of compatibility. Therefore, they will cause similar challenges to having a wrong-sized AC unit for your square footage. Look for professionals to conduct an air conditioning replacement to rectify the problem.

Consult HVAC Professionals

Having the right-sized AC system can give you top-notch efficiency and make air conditioning maintenance a breeze. HVAC professionals will classify all the options and offer comprehensive insights into how some present variables, such as windows and existing ductwork, affect the calculations. Remember to be wise about your purchase and consult the experts first.

At Trust 1 Services, you can rely on our team to do all the calculations and recommend the best air conditioning systems based on your needs. We offer exceptional air conditioning services because you deserve no less. Contact us today for all your cooling needs!