Choosing the Right Quincy Air Conditioning Company

RTM Design • May 15, 2020

When it comes to finding the right Quincy air conditioning company for your home or business, a little research goes a long way. There are a lot of important factors to consider when making this decision. Remember, not all AC companies are created equal.

You’ve probably seen the handy work of these companies around town. These spotty installs are easy to recognize. They usually don’t provide the level of cooling desired and they look like someone untrained did the installation. Avoid these and other headaches by only using reputable installers.

Stick With Reputable Quincy Air Conditioning Companies

One of the best ways to find a reliable Quincy air conditioning installer is to ask your friends and family who they used. Referrals are a great source of info because you get real hand accounts on the installation process and how well the unit is holding up years later.

Quincy Air Conditioning Installer

A reputable air condition company will be well known in your area. These companies will have clientele dating back years. In fact, it’s very common for the same AC installer to handle the cooling needs of an entire extended family. Be sure to ask your friend if they have ever had any problems with the unit, and how the company responded.


Always check the online reviews of any potential AC installation team. Here you can discover helpful information from past customers. In most instances, you should skip over the 1 and 5-star reviews. Instead, focus in on the 2 to 4-star reviews. These reviews carry more weight because they are usually accompanied by an in-depth description as to why the rating was given.

Updated Info

You should ask your potential AC company if they practice any ongoing education. This question can give you valuable insight into the company’s responsiveness to market changes. The AC industries changes rapidly, you want a company that is up to date on the latest environmentally friendly chemicals and energy-saving units.

Specific Unit

The next question to ask your installer is how often they install this type of unit. There are different types of AC units in the market. These devices utilize different refrigerants, pressure standards, and fittings. You don’t want an installation team that specializes in say, central air, repairing your split inverter. However, most top tier AC repair teams are versed in a multitude of units.

Quincy Commercial Air Conditioning Install


The next step in finding the right Quincy air conditioning company is to evaluate the value you are getting. Some companies offer package deals and discounts on multiple units. This strategy can be a smart way for you to bundle and save on your AC needs. Also, what’s the cost of your installation? Everyone has a budget, so be sure to be familiar with yours to maximize your savings.

Quincy Air Conditioning Brands

You need to inquire about what brands your installer recommends and why. In general, Japanese brands such as Fujitsu are considered the higher-end units. These units feature higher quality components and longer warranties. On the flip side, they are way more expensive than their Chinese counterparts.

In most instances, you may find that the cooling power and savings of a Chinese unit outweigh the upfront costs of a Japanese brand. However, if you are interested in the highest quality AC possible, these are the units that are recognized as the best.

Warranty Safety

Always ask about the warranty your unit includes. On average, you want at least a 5-year warranty on your compressor. Compressors are the most expensive component in an air conditioner. If this part fails, it may be less expensive to purchase an entirely new unit. Also, ask about the warranty on labor. This part of the warranty includes the actual work done by installers. You want to make sure that the installation includes a robust warranty as well. This warranty needs to cover you in case of water or refrigerant leaks.


In the end, finding the right Quincy air conditioning company comes down to your research. Trust1 Services can help you with all of your Quincy Air Conditioning needs. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and start enjoying the cool breeze of a new AC.

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