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Best Quincy Showerheads – 2020 Edition

Showering is one of those moments of the day that everyone looks forward to. A shower at the end of a hard day’s work can cure anybody’s mood. We don’t ever really think about the quality of our own showerhead until we look at showerheads outside of our homes. Then you notice how there are showerheads that are designed differently, have different water flow and water pressure. You think ‘ How could there be so many options to showerheads? ’

A good showerhead can make all the difference in your shower experience, plus it could even help your body too. However, selecting the best option for you can be a process. It’s not as simple as going to a local hardware store and choosing a showerhead, and checking online retailers could turn out to be more difficult.

Best Quincy Showerheads

Showerhead technology has become more advanced because companies look for the comfort and pleasure of their customers. People generally seek the same features in showerheads, different water flow, and water pressure. Many look for showerheads with low gallons per minute (GPM) to save water. That’s because different water settings provide relaxing remedies and massages. Different settings and features also mean that prices can vary.

In order to help with the picking out process, we have assembled a list of the best showerheads in the market today. Each unit has its own features and non-invasive easy install, which is important for different types of homes. Their price range is very diverse, all being between 50$ and $200. If you are looking for an affordable showerhead, this list will be a guide since these models tested highly positive in terms of customer and industry reviews.

High Sierra Classic Plus

This model is rated best among other showerheads because it is affordable and gets all the basics of a good showerhead right. Its retail price is $50, making it the most economical showerhead on the list. It provides good coverage and a good flow of water, so it makes a good classic go-to pick.

The Classic Plus doesn’t come with other features or water flow settings, but its main setting is a good default. It’s simple and elegant design makes it one of the most affordable showerheads in the industry. It also conserves water well, with a 1.5 GPM rating. Although it has a low flow rating, the showerhead can offer just what is needed. If you don’t care for different water settings and are looking for something simple, but fancy; the High Sierra Classic Plus showerhead is the ideal option.

Aquadance 7” Premium Rainfall Combo – Quincy Showerheads

The Aquadance showerhead is similar to the High Sierra in price and is a great choice if you are looking for a dual showerhead. The handheld showerhead is placed behind the main showerhead just like most dual showerheads.

This unit offers a full coverage setting, massage setting, and a mix of those two in both showerheads. Reviews on this device say that the Aquadance showerhead has great coverage and firm pressure but still feels relaxing. This showerhead model is able to function with both showerheads running. However, having both heads running reduces water pressure, so people tend to use the main showerhead.

Quincy Shower Head AquaDance

People who look for diverse showerheads tend to choose this option. That is because there is a variety of settings, and based on the mood, the flow of water can change with ease. The Aquadance Premium showerhead is the option to choose if you’re someone that likes to change settings depending on your mood.

Moen S6320

The Moen S6320 is the best premium model in the market. The price is $164, making it the most expensive of the list because of the high-end design and the good quality. Its large diameter and chrome help with full coverage of water for the right space.

Just like the Aquadance Premium showerhead, there are switches in the Moen S6320 to cover different water flow and water pressure settings. It includes a good balance between cleansing and relaxing coverage. Plus, the Moen S6320’s massage setting is pretty intense if you are looking for some firm water pressure.

This component has a switch on the side that is simple enough to maneuver that changes the settings between massage and default run. If you want a showerhead that is user-friendly but still maintains elegance, then the MoenS6320 fits the description.

American Standard Spectra eTouch – Quincy Showerhead

Many reviews on the Spectra eTouch recall that it’s soothing and firm for spot cleaning. A shower with this model feels as if you are standing under the rain after a hot day. The relaxing features and high-end design make its price worth it. The Spectra eTouch sells at over $100 which is pretty expensive like the Moen S68320. However, it saves up water thanks to its 1.8 GPM rating.

This model also includes a remote handle that can be attached to the shower wall to switch between settings. The other way to change the settings is to simply touch the outer rim of the showerhead. The settings include fine mist, two modes of massage spray, and the rainfall setting. Conclusively, not all the settings have the perfect balance of full coverage and firm pressure.

Spectra Touch 4-Function Quincy Showerhead

This system works more for people who are looking for a very relaxing showering experience. It’s also suggested for those who do not like harsh pressures on their skin. It’s a good pick if you are looking for a relaxing stream and don’t mind the flow of water.

Kohler Forte 22169

The Kohler Forte 22169 has an honorable mention in this list because of its good coverage. Its retail price is $75 so it’s one of the most economical options. Along with that, it strikes a perfect balance between a firm and a relaxing feeling. Its design makes it easy to switch between massage mode and other water pressure settings. Overall, if you are looking for something well-balanced and economical, this brand is one to consider.

Delta In2ition Two-In-One

The retail price of this Delta showerhead is $133, but it’s still worth considering. It features the handheld showerhead in addition to the main showerhead. Being a dual unit, it provides full coverage and intense relaxation. Just as the Aquadance Premium, both showerheads can run at the same time, but the flow of water decreases during dual operation. The handle design of the Delta Two-In-One showerhead makes it easy to use and makes it a very competent choice.

Quincy Showerhead Installation

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