What You Need to Know About Pipe Bursting

RTM Design • Aug 16, 2022

Pipe Bursting is a trenchless pipe servicing technique that uses bursting heads to cut through and remove existing pipe lines and then pushes a new one in its place. At Trust 1 Services Company, we use this process to reroute existing pipes that are not functioning properly. Most burst pipe projects involve replacing leaking, collapsed, or exposed steel and cast-iron water pipes.

Below, we explain everything you need to know about pipe bursting.

Best Money-Saving and Cost-Effective Solution

Pipe bursting is one of the most cost-effective emergency pipe repair procedures. It is an ideal method to replace multiple sections of pipes and repair cracked or leaking pipe lines efficiently and cost-effectively. This process typically begins with the excavation of a trench that will be adjacent to the pipeline. The major components are assembled in this trench, and special tools are used to cut through the pipeline. The pipe then bursts into the excavation pit, where it can be recovered for reuse or disposed of safely.

It Maintains the Integrity and Cleanliness of Your Property

In most cases, burst pipe repair can take place much faster than traditional trenching methods. This is because the method does not require digging a trench that comes within a few feet of the pipeline, which is where most trenching operations will run into problems and become more expensive. This method also does not disturb the soil in the surrounding area. As a result, you can use this technique on sites with sensitive soil or groundwater issues.

It is 100% Recyclable

As with other trenchless techniques, pipe bursting has a minimal impact on the environment. As a result, there is little-to-no need to dispose of the finished product in landfills. Sadly, some people let their old pipelines go to waste even when replacements are available. This practice is responsible for countless tons of steel and concrete going into landfills yearly. This pipe replacement technique offers a better alternative for pipeline disposal.

Trust 1 Services is the leading provider of quality pipe repair in Quincy, MA. We pride ourselves on being innovative problem solvers, providing the best quality work for a competitive price.

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