The Expert in Water Heater Repair in Canton, MA

If you suddenly need a dependable plumber in Canton, MA, because your water heater is literally leaving you cold, Trust 1 Services is the company to trust. Rest assured a courteous, knowledgeable technician from our team will arrive as quickly as possible to assess the situation and restore your access to hot water.

Check for the Causes and Signs

Tank corrosion, improper water pressure, and a faulty pressure relief valve or bad gasket are among the possible causes of leak-related issues. Water heater problems involving temperature issues can be caused by problems with the pilot light, loose connections, or damaged or worn internal parts. Sediment buildup is what often causes popping and similar noises. Discolored water is typically a sign of tank corrosion, which itself is often caused by a worn-away anode rod. Give us a call about water heater repair in Canton, MA, once you notice:

  • Rust-colored water coming from faucets
  • No hot water at all
  • Hot water that doesn't stay hot for too long
  • Unusual sounds or odors coming from your water heater

The Problems We Deal With

Leaking, no hot water, insufficient hot water, temperature irregularities, and odd noises or sounds during operation are among the more common water heater problems. Taking advantage of our water heater maintenance service options is a cost-effective way to reduce your risk of experiencing any of these issues or anything else out of the ordinary.

Your Top Options

Certified in Navien repair, we service all types of residential water heaters. Available with gas and electric options, the main types of water heaters used in homes today are conventional and tankless ones.

Conventional water heaters store heated water in a tank and distribute it throughout your home. These water heaters tend to work well in larger homes or ones where there's more of a demand for hot water.

On the other hand, tankless water heater is one that's smaller and designed to only produce heated water when it's needed, which provides a noticeable boost in efficiency. Tankless water heaters also tend to last longer since there's no tank and maintenance is easier.

Ensure Prompt Water Heater Repair

Professional, prompt attention reduces the need for a new water heater installation much sooner than expected. Addressing water heater issues quickly is also what allows water heater problems to be accurately diagnosed before they turn into bigger issues. What's more, calling us as soon as water heater concerns are noticed reduces the risk of damage to your property while restoring full access to hot water.

Leave the Work to Our Experts

Quality is what defines us at Trust 1 Services. This is the main reason to trust our team. As one of our customers, you'll also benefit from upfront, fair pricing and a guarantee of complete satisfaction coupled with quality workmanship. We're also just a phone call away 24-hours a day, seven days a week for emergency water heater replacement and repair needs.

Contact Our Team Today

Whether it's a conventional or tankless unit that needs some attention, Trust 1 Services is ready to help. Our experienced technicians have the know-how and supplies required to make prompt, affordable water heater services. Financing is available as well for your added convenience. Call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.