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Unfortunately, no water heater lasts forever. What you can do, though, is get the most life out of the one you're using now by relying on Trust 1 Services at the first sign of a problem. We're the dependable local plumber in Boston, MA, to turn to for water heater repair and any other water heater service needs.

Water Heater Problems to Watch Out For

Leaks are often a sign of tank failure caused by wear and corrosion. With tankless systems, parts that carry water can leak. Loose or faulty valves or connections also have the potential to contribute to leaks. Crackling, rattling, and other unusual sounds are often caused by a buildup of sediment. This is why we recommend flushing your water heater as part of your water heater maintenance at least once a year.

Water discoloration is typically caused by corrosion. If you have a conventional water heater, it could also mean the protective anode rod has worn away. Problems involving the temperature of the water may be caused by electrical or pilot light issues or failing parts. Ask us about water heater replacement or repair when you notice:

  • Little or no heated water
  • Water that tastes or smells bad
  • Rust-colored or discolored water
  • Moisture around your water heater or pooled water

The more common problems we see with water heaters are ones involving leaks, lack of hot water, inconsistent temperatures, and poor water quality. However, any problem or concern should be reason enough to call us for our array of water heater services.

About Your Top Options

Did you know that water heaters can be solar-powered? There are also hybrid hot water systems that work without actually generating heat. However, the two most common options among homeowners today are conventional and tankless water heater systems.

A traditional or tank-based water heater tends to work well if you have more extensive hot water needs or a larger home. Newer models are also well-insulated to minimize heat loss. A tankless unit, for its part, only produces hot water when it's needed. This optimizes efficiency and contributes to impressive long-term savings potential. Tankless models also tend to have a longer lifespan.

Ensure Immediate Repairs

Acting quickly with water heater repair in Boston, MA, is important because letting water heater problems linger can prove to be disastrous. Doing so often makes problems worse or increases the risk of damage from flooding or mold if there's a leak. Prompt, professional service also means you'll enjoy the many benefits of quick and easy hot water access.

At Trust 1 Services, we've been keeping clients completely satisfied since 2018. Trusting us for water heater installation and other solutions also means upfront, reasonable rates coupled with quality workmanship. Certified by Navien, we further add value to our services by using only top-quality parts and products.

Enjoy Prompt Water Heater Service Today

Guaranteed satisfaction is one other reason to make Trust 1 Services your top choice for any water heater service. Regardless of what's going on with your water heater, we'll provide a no-obligation estimate before any work is done. Contact us today for reliable services for just about any water heater concern you may have.