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It's not unusual for properties in Massachusetts to have sewer lines, which have been in place for decades. Let a plumber in Boston, MA, from Trust 1 Services be of assistance when you need fast, dependable sewer repair service. We stand by our work with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Common Sewer-Related Problems

Tree roots are a far too common source, especially when it comes to leaks. Pipes shifting that naturally occurs over the years could also loosen connections or place added stress on certain sections of the line. Another problem with sewer lines is corrosion, which is often the result of years of use and wear. Contact us about sewer pipe line repair if you are noticing:

  • Clogs, slow drainage, and other drain problems
  • Lingering or strong sewer odors
  • Wet spots above where your sewer lines are located

Understanding Sewer Line Issues

Concrete, steel, clay, and plastic are the materials typically used for sewer lines. Older sewer pipes are usually cast iron, which is why corrosion is a typical issue with these pipes. Clogs and backups deeper in your drain lines can also have affect sewer lines over time. We offer cost-effective sewer repair services that can help minimize such issues.

Our Main Methods for Sewer Repair

At Trust 1 Services, we use traditional and trenchless methods to repair and replace sewer line pipes. Traditional sewer repair is when we have to dig up the sewer pipe. This can be beneficial when there's a need to carefully work around other nearby lines.

When it comes to trenchless methods, we conduct the sewer repair in Boston, MA, without digging or removing the affected sewer line. We start by inserting the resin material into the pipe to produce what's essentially a new pipe within the existing one. These options are often preferable since above-ground surfaces are largely untouched.

The Top Benefits

Sewer line replacement or repair that's done right protects your property and helps your drains work better. Lingering sewer problems can affect your foundation and landscape as well, or contribute to mold issues. Additionally, because sewer lines aren't pressurized, we recommend having inspections done every few years so repairs can be made before serious issues are noticed.

Contact Our Team Today

Take the stress out of sewer-related issues by reaching out to Trust 1 Services. Our professional team is here for you 24/7 for all your repair needs. We’re also available during convenient hours and even provide financing options. Contact us today to benefit from any of our sewer services in Beantown.