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Air conditioning unit being checked by tehnician

Common Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

Air conditioners are necessary for indoor comfort, especially during intense summer heatwaves. They also promote air circulation in our homes, which drives cooler air inside while hotter air is ejected through the vents.

Being the premier name for air conditioning repair in Norwell, MA, Trust 1 Services is always approached by clients asking about air conditioning “facts” that are actually myths. Today, we would like to separate myths from facts as we answer some commonly asked questions.

Your AC is Responsible for the High Energy Bill

When that bill comes back a little too high, it would be easy to pin it on the one appliance in your house that runs on a 300% efficiency status. As long as your AC is appropriately used and you hire a professional for air conditioning installation, it becomes the cheapest appliance to run in your house.

Your AC Requires a lot of Maintenance

The most your air conditioner requires of you is to change or clean the filters every new season. This means that air conditioning maintenance is not the hassle everyone makes it out to be. Remember to have our professionals check it out once every year to ensure that your AC runs efficiently and with no interruptions.

Turning Off Your AC When You Are Not Around Saves On Energy Bills

The only situation that applies to this is when you are spending most of your day away from home or going away for a couple of days. Being a trusted authority on air conditioning replacement, we attest that the AC should be set a couple of degrees higher or lower than the ideal temperature. When you turn your AC off, you unknowingly put more strain on your HVAC unit to achieve your ideal temperature setting once you turn it back on.

Some of these myths, if practiced, could cause severe strains on your HVAC system. Always check in with a reputable HVAC company for clarification to avoid unnecessary repair procedures. If you would like to schedule an appointment for air conditioning services or if you have any questions about air conditioning myths, contact us at Trust 1 Services today!