Central AC Systems

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Having central AC systems installation in Quincy, MA, to avoid the oppressive heat and humidity of a Boston-area summer is essential. Your home’s cooling system should provide a welcome relief from the hot temperatures. You want your home to feel like your oasis—an escape from the chaos of everyday life.

When you give your central air conditioning system the proper maintenance, it will do its part to cool the air in your home and keep out harmful and annoying allergens. A properly running AC also keeps down the moisture level in your home to prevent mold growth and the feeling of the air around you being heavy and uncomfortable.

Is it Time for a New AC?

If your AC struggles to meet the demand of a sweltering day, it probably needs repair or replacement. Call Trust 1 Services for a free estimate to help you decide the best course to take. You will need to consider the age of your unit. If it’s more than 15 years old, this repair is likely the first of many. You will find it more cost-effective in the long run to replace the unit. Trust 1 Services can help you decide if central AC systems installation in Quincy, MA, is the best choice for your situation.

How Long Does Installation Take?

The job of installing a central air conditioning system depends on the home. Are you installing a brand new system or replacing one that’s similar in size to your current unit? If your home has never had central AC, the project could take a few days, as the installers will need to run ductwork through your entire home. If you are replacing a similar unit, the project could take just one day.

What Is the Cost of Central AC Installation?

The cost range for central AC installation runs from $5,000 to $12,000. The size of the unit plays a big role in the cost, as well as if the unit is replacing another central AC system of similar size. If you’re installing a central AC for the first time in your home, the parts and labor costs will be higher.

Can I Install My New AC Myself?

A central AC system is a major component of your home that requires careful work to repair or replace. The pros at Trust 1 Services complete central AC systems installation in Quincy, MA, regularly. We work with all major brands of appliances and have the experience to get the job done right in a minimally inconvenient way for you.

Responsive and Professional AC Service in Quincy, MA

We can help with as many or as few of the maintenance items that you need us to. If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, frequently cycling, making strange noises, or doesn’t come on at all, call Trust 1 Services today to schedule central AC systems installation in Quincy, MA.