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Flooded bathroom

Your Ultimate Emergency Plumbing Survival Guide

Ever noticed leakages in your house or office space that you had to take action to make habitable? Some cases might be hard to manage unless you call for technical assistance. The good news is that you can count on Trust 1 Services, the go-to plumber in Quincy, MA, to bail you out of emergency plumbing situations.

Below are the basic steps you need to remember to help you survive plumbing emergency situations.

Turn Off The Water

First, shut off the plumbing fixtures from the main outlet to prevent further flooding of the floor spaces. Turning off the water will also ensure you minimize further damage from the water.

Move immediately to the flooded areas and check if there are any items to save from damage. If there are young children or elderly adults nearby, they should be the first ones to evacuate from the emergency site.

Get Help Right Away

Next, call your plumber to help solve this emergency plumbing nightmare and notify your homeowner insurer. As technicians are sent to the site, be sure your insurance provider is aware of the situation so they know how much to cover the damage.

Avoid DIY Repairs

While it may be tempting to tackle simple repairs such as drain issues on your own, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Just make sure to turn off your water and flush the pipes so that you won’t have another flood when the team turns the water back on for plumbing repairs

At Trust 1 Services, you get help from a highly-skilled plumbing company that’s equipped with the latest tools and equipment to help respond to such emergencies when called upon. If you live in Quincy, MA, reach out to us any time you need to have a plumbing issue resolved immediately.