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Air conditioning system settings being tinkered with by a technician

Top Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

Air conditioning myths are nothing new and even seem to be multiplying as the years go by. However, let’s remember that these myths have no grounding in reality. Let Trust 1 Services, the top company for air conditioning repair in Quincy, MA, debunk the most common ones here for you.

Air Conditioners Dehumidify the Air

This is a common myth we hear during air conditioning installation services. Air conditioners cool the air and make it less humid by removing moisture from the indoor environment. This is why they are often referred to as dehumidifiers as well. The idea that air conditioners dehumidify the air is based on two myths: one that says that all humidifiers do something similar, and another that says that a refrigerator does this.

Turning Air Conditioners Off and On Lowers Efficiency

This air conditioning replacement myth is based on a faulty understanding of what happens when you turn your air conditioner off. The truth is that turning off the AC can cause condensation, which can lead to poor performance and even damage the compressor—turning it back on causes the refrigerant in your system to expand rapidly, which harms performance.

Closing Vents Improves Efficiency

Vents are designed to remove moisture from the air and cool the air down. If you close vents, you’re increasing the air’s water, which means you’re more likely to get condensation on your windows. Always consult reputable companies that provide air conditioning services before acting.

Ceiling Fans Help Air Conditioners Perform Better

Ceiling fans can hurt your air conditioner’s ability to perform better. They pull air into the room and raise the temperature of the air. This makes it harder for the air conditioner to cool down the space since it has to work harder to cool down the room. For AC units that perform better, don’t skip air conditioning maintenance schedules.

The best way to prevent a problem is to understand the possible causes and learn how you can identify a potential situation before it turns into a larger one that could cost you a lot of money. Hopefully, you now have ample knowledge and can always consult, to avoid risk problems in your home. For all your air conditioning needs, contact us at Trust 1 Services!