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Water gushing from a burst pipe

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

When it’s time for pipe repair in Quincy MA, Trust 1 Services offers many options for your consideration. If a full replacement is what’s best for your situation, you may have visions of a big excavation project that may cause you to think twice.

Thanks to a process known as pipe bursting, you can still get a new pipe without ending up with a big mess to clean up. Below, we highlight the top benefits of this trenchless approach to replacing old, damaged pipes.

The Old Pipe Isn’t Brought to the Surface

Emergency pipe repair can be a daunting task. One of the most appealing benefits of pipe bursting is that your surface areas are left intact. This means no significant landscaping restoration costs to worry about once the work is done. Instead, the pipe is broken up with a device called a bursting head as a new one is inserted right behind it. It’s a highly efficient process that results in minimal cleanup once everything is done.

You’re Still Getting an Entirely New Pipe

With bursting, you’re still getting all the benefits that go along with having a completely new pipe installed. The only significant difference is the way the burst pipe repair procedure is accomplished. It’s even possible to use this technique to insert a new pipe that’s larger than the original one if extra capacity is needed to handle flow or wastewater removal better.

The Work is Done Much Faster

Lastly, the pipe bursting technique can be done faster than what’s common with traditional dig-and-replace methods. For one thing, there’s no heavy machinery needed. The work can typically be done with a smaller crew, which further streamlines costs and the overall process. There’s no need to remove the old pipe or fill in a large trench, which saves even more time.

Turn to Trust 1 Services to enjoy all the benefits that go along with a trenchless approach to pipe replacement. We’ll let you know if this is an option that can work well for your situation. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs!