Excellent Pipe Repair in Westwood, MA

If you have a full-blown leak, a burst or frozen pipe, or anything else affecting your pipes, contact a plumber in Westwood, MA, from Trust 1 Services. We provide a broad range of cost-effective repair services and options. Simply give us a call or look for one of our easy-to-spot black and gold trucks. Once our experienced technicians arrive, know that we will be restoring your pipes and peace of mind right away.

Biggest Pipe Issues We Address

If it can affect your pipes, we can fix it. The more common issues with pipes we address include burst or frozen pipes or ones visibly leaking. We can also resolve those involving unusual pipe sounds when drains or faucets are used and structural damage to pipes. This is something that can happen due to age or general wear. You may also need emergency pipe repair if they weren't properly installed or sufficiently maintained over the years.

Do You Have a Backed Up or Damaged Pipe?

Pipe problems come in all shapes and sizes and have different possible causes and contributing factors. That said, it's important to pay attention to signs suggesting something out of the ordinary is affecting your pipes. Call us about pipe repair in Westwood, MA, if you notice any of the following signs of a backup or other types of damage:

  • Bad pipe or drain odors
  • Slow drains or backups that keep occurring
  • Wet spots or pooled water around pipe locations
  • Water spots on floors, concrete, or walls
  • Issues with mold around where pipes are located
  • Higher water bills

Pipe Services We Provide

In addition to burst pipe repair and other situations, our services include:

  • Inspections to check for pipe-related issues
  • Traditional pipe repair
  • Full pipe replacement
  • Leak detection and repair involving pipes, including ones under slabs
  • Drain cleaning that helps reduce the need for pipe repair
  • Trenchless pipe repair and replacement

For pipe replacement and repair, we use traditional and trenchless methods. A "traditional" approach to pipe repair involves physically exposing the damaged pipe so it can be repaired or replaced entirely. Traditional methods can be beneficial if direct visualization of the pipe and anything nearby is needed.

Trenchless pipe repair, on the other hand, spares your landscape and the pipe itself. In this instance, a special type of coating is applied to the inside of the affected pipe.

Give Our Team a Call

Trust 1 Services is the company to count on for immediate and effective pipe repairs. We'll get you started with an honest and clear explanation of the problem and a free, no-obligation estimate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to addressing your pipe issues in the most cost-effective manner.