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When in need of fast, affordable water heater repair in Quincy, MA, rely on the trusted local company — Trust 1 Services. Our experienced team is available 24/7 for emergency issues requiring prompt attention and prepared to provide any other services you may need.

Main Causes and Biggest Signs of Water Heater Problems

If you have little or no hot water, there could be a thermostat, pilot light, or electric ignition problem. Issues with internal parts or connections can also affect a water heater's ability to produce and deliver heated water. Leaks could be caused by a faulty pressure relief valve, loose connections, or a tank that's corroded enough for a hole to form. Discolored water is often a sign of tank corrosion as well. Odd noises during operation are typically a sign of sediment buildup. All these will need to be evaluated and addressed by your plumber in Quincy, MA.

Ask us about our water heater services when you notice:

  • Sudden lack of hot water
  • Water that gets cold again too soon
  • Crackling and other odd noises
  • Water gathering where it shouldn't be
  • Rust-colored or discolored water coming from faucets

Let Us Resolve Everything

Leaks are one of the more common water heater problems. Water heaters can also be affected by water temperature issues, rust and corrosion, and normal wear from age and use. Fortunately, regular water heater maintenance reduces your risk of having serious water heater problems. We recommend having inspections done at least every 1-2 years, especially with traditional water heaters.

Water Heater Types and Unique Advantages of Each

Traditional water heaters are still common in many homes today. One of the reasons is that these systems easily hook up to gas or electric connections, and replacement is fairly easy. Additionally, if you have more extensive hot water heater needs, a larger-sized traditional model can be a good investment.

The other common option today is a tankless water heater. Tankless models, like the ones from Navien, are highly efficient since heated water is only provided when it's needed. These "on-demand" water heaters also have the potential to provide significant long-term savings. There is also more flexibility with placement since these units are smaller.

Importance of Professional and Prompt Repair

Don't hesitate to call a plumber from Trust 1 Services even if you're only dealing with a fairly minor problem. It's easier than you may realize for smaller issues to turn into full-blown emergencies. Prompt water heater repair also prevents serious and costly property damage. What's more, you'll quickly regain access to the hot water you need for your various daily tasks.

Your Top Source for Water Heater Service

Trust 1 Services has been providing exceptional customer service since 2018. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction with water heater installation, repair, or replacement and any of the other services we provide. As one of our clients, you'll also benefit from fair, upfront pricing and free estimates without any further obligation.

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Whether you have a traditional or tankless unit that requires repair or even water heater replacement, the team from Trust 1 Services will have your full access to safe, clean hot water restored quickly. Financing is also available to make our services and products even more budget-pleasing. Contact us today for prompt, reliable water heater solutions.