Questions To Ask HVAC Technicians Before Service

RTM Design • Aug 17, 2021

Questions to ask an HVAC Technician prior to service

When searching for a professional to repair or install your HVAC unit, you consider many factors. You want an expert with experience and a trusted reputation to get the job done right.

Part of finding the best HVAC technician for the job is asking the right questions. Consider this list of ten useful questions to ask an HVAC technician before hiring them.

1. What are your certifications?

A quality technician will have the proper certifications and licenses to prove that they have the necessary skills to do the job. Ideally, you want to hire a technician with a certificate from the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program.

2. Are your HVAC technicians insured?

Any time you hire a professional to work on your home or building, you want them to have proof of insurance. This protects both you and the technician when working a complicated or risky job.

A technician with proof of insurance improves the credibility of their business while establishing a level of trust. Before you hire a professional to work on your HVAC unit, ask about their insurance coverage.

3. What experience do your contractors have?

Any time you consider doing business with a company, you want to look at the qualified experience. Hiring a technician with years of experience working on HVAC units means you know the job will be done correctly the first time.

4. How long will my new HVAC unit last?

A quality air conditioning unit will last between 15 and 20 years; however, many people will shorten the lifespan of their HVAC by neglecting it.

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your air conditioning unit lasts. Simple ways to expand the life of your unit include checking for debris and frequently cleaning your HVAC system. Proper maintenance now means avoiding expensive repairs or replacements later.

5. How do the costs of regular maintenance compare to repair expenses?

Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit ensures you avoid the need for expensive repairs. Hiring a professional to perform a thorough maintenance check on your air conditioning unit costs much less than hiring them to repair or replace your system.

Regularly cleaning your HVAC system can even help lower your energy bills. When debris builds up inside the unit, it forces the coils, blades, and other parts of the air conditioner to corrode and essentially work harder. Dirty HVACs require more power to work and will eventually experience system failure.

Outdoor units become especially susceptible to debris. Checking your outdoor HVAC systems after a storm or change in weather provides an easy way to safeguard the unit.

6. How do I know when my air conditioner needs a replacement instead of a repair?

Sometimes, a repair is not enough to revive your HVAC system. Certain signs indicate that you may need to replace your air conditioning unit.

  • You are paying for constant repairs.
  • Your HVAC is over ten years old.
  • The unit uses the old, phased-out R22 refrigerant.
  • The repair would cost more than purchasing a new unit.

If you have problems with your HVAC and remain unsure whether you need a replacement, let a professional examine the unit. A trustworthy technician will only suggest a replacement when absolutely necessary.

7. What kind of unit do I need?

Whether you do not know the type of unit you currently have or want to look into other options, a quality technician will point you in the right direction.

Different HVAC units meet different needs. You will need to consider price, size, and function style when determining what type of unit you require.

  • Split systems
  • Duct free mini-splits
  • Outdoor units
  • Zoned systems

8. What brands do you work with?

Most HVAC technicians will have experience working with a variety of brands. Asking about the brands available gives you the opportunity to view your options and compare costs.

Like cars, some HVAC brands offer a higher quality product than others. A trained technician will show you how to compare the costs and quality of the various brands available so that you can pick the right one for your system.

9. What warranties or guarantees are available?

Asking about the warranties and guarantees stands as one of the most important questions to ask an HVAC technician. These guarantees should include warranties from both the manufacturer and the technician installing the system. This protects you just in case you run into a system or installation issue.

Different units will have various warranties. Reputable HVAC companies and their technicians will review the guarantees with you so you can be confident in their ability to get the job done.

10. How long will it take to complete the job?

The time it takes to complete a job will depend on a few factors.

  • What tools are required to complete the job
  • The type of repair or installation
  • The quality and experience of the technician
  • The location of the air conditioning unit

Hiring a technician with experience can ensure that the job won’t take longer than needed. When dealing with air conditioning problems, an HVAC expert will be able to tell you the source of the problem, how they can fix it, and how long it will take.

Trust 1 HVAC Services

Trust 1 Services knows the value of hiring a trustworthy technician to work on your HVAC unit. Our years of experience combined with our passion for service allows our technicians to exceed customer expectations.

We offer both air conditioning repair and replacement services for a variety of units.

  • Mini-split systems
  • Air handlers
  • Heat pumps
  • Central air conditioning

We are also available 24/7 for emergency services. We know that you can’t control when your HVAC system breaks down. Our team has the equipment and skills to repair or replace your air conditioner whenever you need it.

Day or night, our technicians are here to help when your HVAC malfunctions. When you have questions to ask an HVAC technician, the experts at Trust 1 Services are here for you.

When you need work done for your HVAC in Quincy, MA, call Trust 1 Services at 617-468-3913 today!

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