How to Choose the Best Avon Smart Smoke Detector for Your Safety

RTM Design • Jun 17, 2020

Having a smoke alarm that tells you there’s a fire no matter where you are is way better than just a smoke alarm that tells you there’s a fire. There are some Avon smoke detectors called smart smoke and carbon monoxide (CO), which are among the most useful categories of smart home gear on the market, mainly because they offer a clear advantage over old versions of the same product. Also, if you have a second home or travel frequently by owning one of these smoke detectors, you may gain the peace of mind that otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to have.

Once you install your smoke alarm and have it powered up, you have to download the relevant app and connect it to the device wirelessly. When the alarm goes off, not only are you going to receive an audio alert, but many include helpful voice instructions instead of just having a siren. Your smartphone also tells you what the problem is (whether it’s smoke or CO, which alarm was activated, and sometimes even the severity of the smoke).

Avon Smart Smoke Detector

A lot of smoke detectors in the market hook into additional smart home gear and IFTTT, which means that you can get even more clever by having the lights start flashing if smoke has been detected. Maybe the most significant benefit of having one of these smoke detectors is that you won’t be chasing down midnight chirps since you’ll also get phone-based notifications about dying batteries.

Here is a list with the best options on the market today

Best Avon Smart Smoke Detector:

-Nest Labs Nest Protect
This smoke detector is one of the most mature intelligent smoke alarms on the market, and it’s a no-brainer if you want one of the most sophisticated and reliable smart smoke detectors out there. Its warnings are varied, integrated lighting is color-coded based on the type of threat, and the product includes helpful voice alerts when activated. Additionally, if you have Nest gear at home, such as a Nest Thermostat, things get even better, as you can configure the Protect to shut off your ventilation system if it detects smoke, a potential lifesaver. The Nest Protect isn’t cheap, standing at $119, but way pricier options are out there. In this case, though, it’s worth the buy.

Best smart listener:

-Roost Smart Battery (2nd Generation)
The upfront cost is higher than an ordinary lithium smoke-detector battery, but the Wi-Fi module is reusable, and replacement batteries are only slightly more expensive than ordinary ones. Remember that the priority is to protect your home. Install this battery in your conventional smoke detector, and it will send a push notification to the contact list you set up in its app, so you can take action even if you’re not at home.

Things you Should Know about Avon Smart Smoke Detectors

Most of the time smoke alarms, smart smoke alarms tend to work almost identically. The device is installed high on the wall or on the ceiling (typically replacing an old-school smoke alarm in the same location), either using batteries or in-wall power. It’s essential to upgrade a hardwired model that you replace all the detectors in the chain with the same make and model. One of the reasons for hardwiring a smoke detector is that if one detects a dangerous condition, it can trigger all the others to go off.

Avon Smart Smoke Detector

While the competition in this space is small, the category is already quite fragmented. The bulk of the category consists of straightforward smoke detectors as described above, but some outliers exist to complicate your buying decision.

Avon Smart Smoke Detectors

First, we have the concept of the smart battery: Rather than replace the entire alarm, an intelligent battery replaces the 9-volt cell inside your smoke detector. The battery contains a Wi-Fi radio that can communicate with your home network and a companion smartphone app. The battery also includes a microphone that listens for the smoke alarm into which it has been installed.

When the alarm goes off, the battery leaps into action, working much like a standalone detector. The Roost Smart Battery is not a perfect solution, but it sits at just $35, which is much more affordable than a smart smoke detector. If you have a limited budget, this is worth a look.

Avon Smart Smoke Detectors

A similar idea comes in the form of the smart listener. Again, the idea here is that you don’t rip out your existing smoke detectors, you install an extra piece of hardware that can listen for an alarm going off and alert your phone if it hears one, which turns a traditional system into a smart one. This is different from the Roost battery because the alert plugs directly into a power outlet. The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight, at $50, is currently the best option on the market.

What to look for when shopping

Interconnectivity: Some devices support an interconnectivity feature, so if one alarm goes off, all the other alarms in the house will go off as well. This can be a significant benefit if you have a huge home and fear you might not hear an alarm going off elsewhere in the house.

Multiple users:

Obviously you’re safest if more than one person receives a push alert that there’s a fire in the house.

Detector sensitivity and accuracy:

It’s challenging to scientifically test how well a smoke/CO detector does its primary job without actually burning your house down. That said, simulating smoky conditions can reveal a little about how sensitive a detector is. As well, you can consider the consensus about the underlying technology in a smoke detector.

Notification variety:

A loud siren is expected, but voice alerts are quite handy: They tell you what type of hazard has been detected and alert you to its location and can even tell you how to respond.

Smoke and CO:

It would be best if you got a detector that handles both smoke and carbon monoxide in a single device. There’s no point in forgoing carbon monoxide detection in any smoke alarm you install today.

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