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How Often Do I Need to Maintenance My Quincy Air Conditioning Unit?

Understanding when to maintenance your Quincy air conditioning system is an important part of owning any home or business. A dirty air conditioner can leave a lasting bad impression on your guests. Additionally, some serious health risks can arise from not keeping up with your AC maintenance.

Types of Quincy Air Conditioning Maintenance

The first thing to understand about Quincy AC maintenance is that no two setups are the same. It helps to understand the type of AC system, you have. You should get familiar with the style and size of the unit in your location. Larger units can go longer without maintenance, but they are more expensive to clean. Reversely, you may find that your 12K BTU unit requires cleaning every two months. This familiarity is the first step to determining a realistic maintenance schedule.

Workload – AC Maintenance

Next, you need to consider your Quincy AC’s workload. Basically, how often does your AC run every week? In most instances, this time frame depends on the location of the unit. For example, a commercial AC may see use every day for 12+-hours a day. Consequently, you will need to maintain this unit much more than a residential unit.

Even if they are the same type of unit, there is far more stress on the commercial unit for a couple of reasons. Aside from the longer operation times, the unit has to deal with more dust. Remember every person or animal in the vicinity produces some form of dust via dead skin cells, hair, etc. All of these tiny dust molecules can quickly block your AC primary filter and start to degrade your unit’s performance.

In contrast, you may find that your bedroom AC filters remain relatively clean for months at a time. The reduced workload and people in the vicinity create an environment that requires less stress on your unit. As such, this unit only requires cleaning every six months.

Intensive Cleaning vs. Filter Cleaning

In terms of Quincy Air Conditioning cleaning methods, there are two main ones. The first type of maintenance is simply removing the air filter and keeping it clear of dust and clutter. This is easy enough and doesn’t require any special tools to accomplish. Once you remove the filter from your unit, you want to wash it out with clean water and a little pressure. Also, wipe the unit down with a rag to get any dust particles that settled on the case.

Quincy Air Conditioning Maintenance

The second type of AC maintenance is far more difficult. An intensive cleaning requires specialized tools, chemicals, and knowledge of your unit. In this scenario, an HVAC professional will disassemble the unit. Once disassembled, the device can be cleaned thoroughly. A trained professional will remove the AC cover, internal fans, and the drain reservoir. Once everything is cleaned properly, the unit is reassembled.

Cleaning Chemical Risks – Quincy Air Conditioning

You will want to leave the immediate area during an intensive cleaning because it requires your technician to use an acidic formula to clean the coils on your evaporator and condensing units. This chemical can cause irritation or burning of the skin. Your AC tech should always wear hand, nose, and eye protection when handling this chemical.

Important Notice

You should never work on an AC unit if you don’t have any training. Remember most AC units require a 220V connection. If you accidentally touch this connection you risk serious injury or even death. Additionally, ACs utilize a variety of different refrigerants that can be harmful to both people and the environment if not handled correctly,

Your Location Matters

Another important factor in determining your Quincy AC maintenance schedule is your location. If you live in an area that produces more dust, such as the desert, you will need to maintain your AC more than someone in a more vegetative environment. Additionally, people that live in hotter areas of the world put more stress on their units compared to someone who lives in a timid or even cold region of the world.

How to Help Keep Your AC Clean – Quincy Air Conditioning

One of the best ways to keep your AC from getting dirty quickly is to stay up on your filter maintenance. Every type of AC has some form of a filter as its first means of dust protection. If you are in a commercial property or you have a large family, you may want to clean this filter every month. You must remember that if this filter gets clogged, it will degrade the performance of your units.

Risks of a Dirty AC

There are some serious risks you expose yourself to when you fail to maintain your air conditioning unit. Firstly, the tiny dust particles in your unit can gather in your lungs and make you more susceptible to lung diseases. In serious cases of neglect, you can get mold spores to start to develop in your unit. These spores are extremely harmful to humans and have been linked to numerous lung complications.

Quincy Air Conditioning Maintenance Risks


Another huge reason to keep your ACs clean is the fact that a dirty AC can cost you 40% more than a clean unit. The added costs come from a combination of factors. Mainly, all of your fans will need to work harder to maintain a constant airflow on your coils. If these coils become fully clogged, your units will no longer function properly. Eventually, you will have your fans start to go. Unfortunately, an AC fan repair can cost hundreds.

Trust1 Services Has You Covered

Now that you understand why it’s so important to keep up on your Quincy AC maintenance, you’re ready to create your schedule. Here at Trust1 Services, we are ready to meet all of your AC maintenance needs including sales, maintenance, installation, and repairs. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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