Heat Pump Services in Quincy, MA,
and Nearby Areas

If you need heat pump repair and installation in Quincy, MA, call the contractors you can trust at Trust 1 Services at (617) 905-1366.

Do you ever feel guilty for cranking your air conditioner or gas- or oil-fueled furnace? You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort out of concern for your wallet or the environment. You can address your home’s heating and cooling needs with an efficient, earth-friendly heat pump.

Why Choose a Heat Pump System for Your Massachusetts Home?

A heat pump is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solution for your Boston-area home’s heating and cooling requirements. In an area of the country with a climate like ours— where temperatures vary greatly between seasons—it is convenient to have a heating and cooling system for your home that does both jobs.

Heat pumps will save you money on your monthly energy bills, as they demand less electricity from the energy grid. Sometimes, heat pumps struggle with extremely low temperatures. For your peace of mind, we can install a backup gas furnace that operates only when the heat pump cannot sufficiently heat your residence.

Heat pumps work with the ground, air, and water in their environment to transfer hot air to cool spaces and cool air to warm spaces. They can do this without burning oil because they move the hot and cool air rather than generate it. There are three types of heat pumps: geothermal, air-to-air, and water source.

Heat Pump Maintenance

A heat pump is an alternative to a central HVAC system for climate control in your home. With regular maintenance and proper care, heat pumps have an average lifespan of around 15 years. Trust 1 Services offers heat pump services to our Quincy, MA, neighbors, including:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance

Regular maintenance for your home’s heat pump system includes:

  • Changing the filter
  • Flushing the drain line
  • Reupping refrigerant
  • Cleaning and lubrication of components
  • Twice yearly inspections

If you choose to enroll in a maintenance program with Trust 1 Services, our upfront pricing and a free consultation will help you prepare for the year ahead.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation in Quincy, MA

Trust 1 Services in Quincy, MA, is available for 24/7 emergency service if your heat pump stops working in the dead of winter, day or night. We regularly offer numerous opportunities for savings including senior and veteran discounts. If you need us to install a new heat pump but don’t want to pay for it all at once, we offer financing options to keep your budget healthy.

If your heat pump makes strange noises or refuses to run, call us today for a repair. Our quality workmanship and fully stocked trucks are sure to have the solution to your heat pump’s problems. You can stay warm this winter without worrying about what it’s going to cost you.

If your heat pump has gone awry or you want to exchange your heating and cooling system for a heat pump, our team is here to help. For heat pump repair and installation in Quincy, MA, call the professionals at Trust 1 Services at (617) 905-1366.

Finding the Right Contractor

No matter your issue, it’s vital to have an air conditioning repair company that you can trust. Trust 1 Services has years of experience in the Quincy, MA, and South Shore areas, and we’re here to help you. If you’re worried about your air conditioning system, give us a call today at (617) 905-1366 and find out why we’re the best in the business.