Dorchester Smoke Alarm Facts & Figures

RTM Design • Jun 16, 2020

According to the National Fire Protection Association, dead batteries are the cause of failure of Dorchester smoke detectors 25 percent of the time. That’s why it’s very important to regularly check the batteries in your smoke alarm. Residential is the leading property type for fire deaths (75.0%), fire injuries (77.1%), and fire dollar loss (43.4%) According to the U.S. Fire Administration. Ensuring your home is equipped with properly working smoke detectors is essential.

Smoke detectors have helped reduce fire deaths by half (NFPA). Yet, in recent home fire deaths, in nearly 40 percent of homes, there was not a smoke detector. (FEMA).

Dorchester Smoke Alarms

Nearly 900 people could be saved from home fire deaths annually if all U.S. homes had working smoke alarms, The Red Cross reported. Having both smoke detectors and sprinklers could reduce an individual’s risk of a fire-related death by 82 percent.

Dorchester Fire Alarms

Factors to Consider When Buying a Smoke Detector

  • Power Type
  • Alarm Type
  • Additional Features

There are a lot of different smoke detectors choose between. A hardwired setup, battery-powered setup, or a combination of both are usually the go-to options. Buying smoke detectors that are hardwired into your home provide the advantage that you won’t have to check batteries constantly as the device is continuously supplied with power.

Dorchester Smoke Alarm Facts & Figures

They might need a backup battery in case of a power outage so a combination of both power sources is the best setup for ease and reliability. Installing battery-powered smoke detectors may be easy but make sure to check the batteries regularly for your safety when choosing a battery-powered smoke detector.

You have a choice between a photoelectric, ionization, or a combination of both types for a smoke alarm. It’s important to keep in mind that there are different types of fires, both types of alarms have their benefits. A photoelectric smoke alarm is designed to capture smoldering and slow-burning fires, while an ionization smoke alarm will detect fast-burning fires. Finding a smoke detector with dual-sensing capability for smoldering and fast-burning fires is the best way to ensure your safety.

Dorchester Smoke Alarm Facts & Figures

LED lighting and carbon monoxide detection are other features you’ll find today with smoke alarms. Smoke alarms that have an LED light that is triggered during an emergency can provide helpful lighting, especially if an emergency occurs in dark places or at night. The hearing impaired could use LED strobe lighting to alert them. Fire and dangerous levels of CO in your home could be dangerous so combination smoke and CO detectors are even better, allowing you to be alerted for both.

Understanding The Difference in Smoke Detectors


  • Hard-wired smoke alarms connect to your home’s wiring and electrical system. They often require professional installation and may not work during power outages.

Battery Operated

  • Battery operated smoke detectors are easier to install and don’t pose as much of an electric concern.

A hard-wired smoke detector with a backup battery for an interconnected smoke detecting system that still works during an outage is the best bet is to invest in.


  • Ionization smoke alarms respond quickly to fires that arise quickly from flammable objects and liquids, also known as flaming fires.


  • Photoelectric smoke detectors work best after a long period of building smoke of smoldering fires. Consider placing dual-sensor detectors throughout the home to detect both photoelectric and ionization using one alarm.

For installing smoke detectors, the National Fire Protection Association recommends right outside of sleeping areas, within 10 ft. of cooking appliance, in each bedroom, on every floor in your home, near stairwells, and in living room areas. These devices need to be installed on the ceiling or high on walls. You should place your smoke detector within 3 ft. of the roof’s peak if you have a pitched ceiling.

To improve fire and smoke safety is the goal of every smoke detector. You should be tailored to what works best for your home, the choices are endless. You can buy a smoke detector as a standalone device or with the choices are endless but Remember to always buy from a trusted manufacturer, and read all manuals before installment. Your local fire department can be contacted for assistance with installing and understanding the smoke detector requirements contact. Here are the most useful benefits.

  • Easy monitoring. Smoke detector routine checks are often quick and easy. As simple as vacuum the detector free of dust monthly and changing the batteries annually. Most smoke alarms include backup batteries in case of power outages. These regular routines keep the home ready for the first sign of trouble.
  • Faster smoke detection. Extra seconds to safely evacuate the home could save you from inhaling life-threatening smoke and fumes so the sooner the detector finds danger, the better. Remember to have a fire evacuation plan for a fast and safe exit if the alarm sounds.
  • Cost-effective fire safety. Smoke detectors with smart technology can be more costly but come with added benefits such as mobile notifications of smoke, voice commands, and easy syncing to other home devices. For just a few bucks, you’ll have peace of mind while preparing your humble abode for the unthinkable. Most common smoke detectors cost less than $15 and can often be purchased in sets of two or more for better cost savings.

Our top 3

Honeywell Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

Stand-out features include

  • Easy installation with a durable mounting base to support uneven ceiling surfaces.
  • Smart signals from the installed control panel to alert smoke detector cleaning.
  • Green and red LED status indicators to stay up to speed on the smoke detector’s condition.

Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm (2nd Gen)

Stand-out features include

  • Monitor hush alarms via your mobile device and Nest app
  • Use the Nest Protect mobile app to receive mobile notifications for low batteries and test the smoke alarm
  • Quickly detects photoelectric and ionization fires using the Split Spectrum Sensor

First Alert Smoke Detector Photoelectric and Ionized Alarm

Stand-out features include

  • 9V backup battery to continue to protect homes from fires during power outages
  • One-press button to test the alarm and manage nuisance alerts
  • Uses an ionization detector to prevent flaming fires

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