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Boston Commercial Plumbing Tips to Keep You Away From Disaster

If you want to avoid a plumbing disaster from damaging your property and affecting your revenue, you should check these tips on Boston commercial plumbing. Many people often ignore the importance of plumbing in their business and get frustrated when they have to pay for the damages. Here are some ways to avoid bad situations with your plumbing:

Boston Water Leaks

If you hate paying for water you don’t even use, then be cautious of having a leaky faucet dripping. Even at the rate of 1 drip per second, you could end up wasting more than 3000 gallons of water per year. Importantly, your toilets can silently leak without you even knowing. As a rule of thumb, always stay alert and keep an eye on your water bill to check if you get any unexplained increases. This is just one good tip that can save you a lot of money and tell you if you have a leak in your building.

Boston Sewer Smell

If you walk into your bathroom or kitchen and smell a strange sewer smell, it could mean that your pipes are dry, if you don’t want to chase your customers away, you have to fix this as soon as possible. To fix this, you need to make sure water is running regularly through the pipes.

Boston Put up a Sign

If you aren’t mindful about what you flush down the toilet, it can get clogged, which is a big problem. Having your toilet clogged is something that can be avoided by having a simple sign. By putting up a sign, you can remind your staff and guests only to flush human waste and toilet paper.

Boston Plumbing Sign

Boston Water temperature

Do your hands get too cold when you wash them? If this is happening to you, your water heater might need some serious TLC. Commercial water heaters aren’t different from everything else; they also need routine maintenance and an occasional adjustment. If you need someone to fix this issue, make sure the person is a certified heating engineer. An ordinary plumber might not be the safest option because this piece of equipment can explode.

Boston Unclog your drains

If your sinks take longer to drain, a good tip is to make sure you don’t drop starches that expand, fats, grease, and stringy items like celery down the drain. Another tip is to use a mixture of hot water and vinegar to dislodge any unwanted debris every three months to stay on top of whatever may be down there.

Boston Be proactive with regular maintenance

You should schedule routine maintenance if you want to save on your plumbing expenses. If you do this, you will have more control over your costs, and if a pipe or a massive sewer problem makes its way into your business, you’ll know about it before Armageddon is unleashed.

Boston Plumbing tips to prevent frozen pipes

You could get a hefty plumbing bill by winter if you’re not careful. The typical cost of damage caused by burst pipes in the winter month averages up to 7,000 pounds, with some cases reaching up to tens of thousands of pounds. You should wrap plumbing insulation around your pipes to prevent them from freezing, or you should keep a small drip of water running all winter long.

Install a Boston Water Softener

If you drink hard water, you may be drinking polluted water because it has many minerals. Hard water can even damage your plumbing system. If your pipes are subjected to hard water for quite some time, they may begin to collect heavy mineral deposits. You should purchase a water softener if you want to protect your pipes and improve your water quality.

Find out where the shutoff valves are located

You must shut off the water immediately if your toilet overflows or a pipe bursts out to prevent further damage. To do that first you need to know where the shut off valves are located. Knowing this will prevent the existing problem from getting worse.

Reduce Water Pressure

Having excessive water pressure could be an issue, so if this is going on, you should reduce the tension to protect your pipes.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

You should have an emergency kit that consists of several tools and supplies that would help you if an emergency arises, the kit should include:

  • -Plungers: Include both a regular cup-style plunger and a forced-cup plunger.
  • -Tape: Include at least one roll of regular duct tape, a roll of Teflon sealing tape, and a roll of electrical tape.
  • -Towels: Include some heavy-duty cloth or paper towels for soaking up water.
  • -A five-gallon bucket: heavy-duty bucket can serve as a storage place for the other emergency kit items and as a container to catch water from minor leaks.
  • -Tools: Include tools such as wrenches, a pair of slip-joint pliers, and at least one adjustable wrench. Other tools should include a hammer, a multi-bit screwdriver, or several screwdrivers with regular and Phillips tips, and a set of Allen wrenches.
  • -Caps: Include a few blind caps, or end caps, of various types and sizes to seal off the ends of pipes.

Have emergency phone numbers

You should make sure to have a list of emergency phone numbers where they can be easily found. Contacts that should be included are as follows:

  • -Building owner
  • -Local water company
  • -Your plumber
  • -Building manager
  • -Maintenance manager
  • -Facilities manager
  • -Important tenants

Take Stock of Any Damage

If you have a problem with your plumbing, gather as much information about the emergency and the damage before calling your professional plumber. A gushing water leak could be apparent, but some other different problems may need additional checking. Any information you can provide to your plumber during the initial emergency call will help him decide what will be required to repair the problem. Remember, too, that an assessment of the damage caused by the emergency will be useful when making an insurance claim. Note as many details as possible that could be useful to an insurance claim adjuster and keep written records of your observations.

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