Choose Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Quincy, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

Most of us take our air conditioning system for granted until it stops working. AC is essential for home comfort in the hottest parts of Massachusetts summers, which is also the most common time for air conditioning repairs.

Is it always necessary to call a professional for air conditioning repair? While there are steps you can take to prevent your AC from breaking, we strongly recommend calling in professional contractors at the first sign of trouble. At Trust 1 Services, our years of experience have shown that ignoring a potential problem doesn’t make it go away; it just makes things worse.

Work With Our Air Conditioning Comp

As your air conditioning system gets older, general wear and tear may result in issues preventing it from operating normally. Signs you need an air conditioning repair in Quincy, MA, and other areas we serve include the following:

  • Warm air blowing from the vents
  • Poor airflow
  • Frequent on and off cycling
  • Inconsistent temperatures between rooms
  • High humidity levels or mold growth in your building
  • Pooling water or refrigerant around your AC unit
  • Strange odors or sounds coming from your system
  • A spike in your energy bill

If you notice any of the above, contact us immediately to schedule a repair service. An air conditioning replacement is often more cost-effective than a repair if your system is more than 15 years old and needs regular tune-ups.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Your heating and air conditioning system contains plenty of moving parts, which can degrade through wear and tear.

Regular air conditioning maintenance replaces these parts, ensuring that the rest of the system works optimally. Failing to service your AC can result in more strain on the unit as it struggles to keep up with faulty parts, and that results in your AC breaking down faster.

Signing up for regular services provides three major benefits:

Replacing damaged parts

Identifying potential problems before they become serious

Keeping your unit in warranty

If you want to avoid an unanticipated visit from your local air conditioning repair company

Be sure to keep up with your service schedule. We serve:

Before You Call an Air Conditioning Repair Company

Poor cooling isn’t always a sign of impending doom. Before you call your local repair service, check the following aspects of your air conditioning unit:

Thermostat: An incorrectly set thermostat can affect your AC’s ability to cool a room. Check your thermostat’s settings, and make sure you’ve set it to a reasonable temperature.

Air filter: The air filter is an essential part of your central air conditioning system. It catches any particles from the ducts, ensuring that you breathe high-quality indoor air. A clogged filter can put a lot of strain on your AC, because the system needs to work harder to pull air through the dirty filter. Simply changing your filter regularly can prevent a lot of problems with your AC.

Outdoor unit: Outdoor AC units accumulate a lot of debris. Plants can start growing in the unit, and a windy day can blow in dust and plant matter. Simply clearing out the space can make a huge difference to your air conditioning efficiency and effectiveness.

Signs You Need AC Repair

While you can do a lot to keep your air conditioning system in top-notch shape, there will still be a time when you need to hire an HVAC contractor in Quincy, MA, or nearby areas. We’ve often found that homeowners tend to neglect the small signs of air conditioning problems until they come severe.

While we all wish that noisy rattle would go away on its own, the truth is that delaying your HVAC repair in Quincy, MA, does more harm than good. These issues will never go away on their own, and delaying only makes things worse. The sooner you address the signs of a faulty unit, the less expensive and time-consuming the problem will be to fix.

Here are Some of the Most Common Warning Signs You Should Pay Attention to:

Air Conditioning Repair FAQs

Work with the Right Contractor

No matter your issue, it’s vital to have an air conditioning repair company that you can trust. Trust 1 Services has years of experience in the Quincy, MA, and South Shore areas, and we’re here to help you.

If you’re worried about your air conditioning system, give us a call today at (617) 905-1366 and find out

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